Poland Day Camp 2013

One language spoken here… LOVE of Jesus Christ!

HOW is God calling us to be involved in bringing GOOD NEWS?


Poland Campers: approximately 100 (age 6-16) come to Jesus Church all day for 6 days. Poles are eager to learn English. They love America, and know that learning English is very beneficial to their future! Day Camp teaches English, yet also extends the love of Jesus through relationships, activities, fellowship, and fun! This next generation is learning to trust Jesus, to put their hope in Him, and to be excited about being in church to praise and worship Him!

Poland Counselors: approximately 20 {18-23 year old} Polish young adults eagerly await the arrival of the USA team. Together these two teams work to teach English, and celebrate the love of Jesus! These YOUNG adults are changing Poland’s future one child at a time!! The children are experiencing the joy of Jesus Christ! And they are transformed forever!! The Americans are honored to be a part of the energy that fuels the system. We walk next to, encourage, support, and lift up the YOUNG adults that are doing something to make a difference for Jesus Christ!


Poland has fought with every ounce of their being to preserve their country throughout their history. And now as they have been functioning as a democracy for the last 24 years, there is a little town called Jastrzebie-Zdroj where youth of this country are standing up for Jesus and their faith! GOD shows up with the power of the HOLY SPIRIT…to empower this next generation to rise up and sing HIS praises and spread HIS love! The darkness and evil of this world will NOT overcome…GOD has won …HE is VICTORIOUS! Alleluia!!

“Let your light shine… And let JESUS shine through you!!!”

Not only can God use these youth to make a difference in their town, cities, and country of Poland…
who knows what God will do through them beyond their borders to other countries in Europe?!


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