Poland Sponsors

We hope that you will prayerfully consider becoming a sponsor for this 5K event. We want to keep the cost per family down so that many can participate. So this race is “built upon” a sponsorship structure. We will be posting names on the website of those that sponsor the event (families, and/or businesses)

  • If you sponsor at $500 platinum level your family name or business will be printed on the back of the T-shirt that will be worn on race day (and beyond)!
  • Goody bags will be given to all race participants. As a sponsor, you have the option to include advertising / coupons.
  • All sponsors may also include a link to their website on the Poland Race page.

Becoming a sponsor for this race is also tax-deductible. God-willing we will have 50 sponsors which will allow us to reach our goals. (20 Silver, 20 Gold, 10 Platinum) Thank you so much for considering being part of the structure under all those that “GO” and spread the love of Jesus! “SENDERS” are vital!!! The SENDERS equip the GOERS! We need BOTH to carry out the Great Commission! Thanks be to GOD for all those that participate! TO HIM be the GLORY!!!

Click HERE to sponsor | PDF FORM


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